Show Name                  Political Corner & Cine Wood

Born Day                       May 17

Dream                           To become a great orator

Passion                         Cooking and Teaching

Personality                   Calm & Reserve

Rj Style                         Simple and informative

Fav Book                      Shakunthalam,

                                      Valmiki Ramayanam (Sanskrit)

Fav actor                      Rajinikanth avl

Fav Movie                    Premam (Malayalam)

Fav songs                    Tu meri dost hein,

                                     Mazhai Vara poguthey

Fav food                       Tomato rice With potato fry

Hobbies                        Listening to Songs and PS4

Fav place                     Paris and German

Fav Music Director      ARR & GVP

Sports                          Cricket

Fasion                          Blue Jean with white shirt

Achievements             I'm a teacher by profession and

had been awarded Best  Teacher award for producing

Max centum several times.

I Love                           My Wife and Cooku with comali

I Hate                           Back biting

One super power

I'd definitely want       To foresee the future

My quotes                    Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita

To my US Friends       Ooru suthalam vaanga.

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