Show Name                 Vetti Nayam & HIGH 5

Born Day                      Nov 09th

Dream                          Direction & Acting 

Passion                        Radio Jockey

Personality                  Happy Forever,Smile

RJ Style                       Comedy with message and cool Speach

Fav Book                     The Secret

Fav Actor                     Heath Ledger 

Fav Movie Genre        The Da Vinci Code, The Shawsank Redemtion

Fav Music Director     AR Rahman

Fav Song                      Kulirutha Pulla,Netru Aval Iruthal

Fav Food                      Palayasoru

Fav Place                     Native Place

Hobby                          Calligraphy,Poem Writing

Destination                 No End

Fashion                      Jeans with Tshirt, Casual Dress

Achievements           Coming Soon

I Love                         Sleeping, Talking with Peoples ,Babies

I Hate                         Exams, Politics,Simply Sitting and Mobiles 

One Super Power I Definitely Want    The wolverine

My Quotes                Our Surroundings decide what kind of person we are,life has given us a choice to decide and recreate our surrounding and peoples  around us.So we can keep everyone and everything around is happy,so that  we can also happy by giving happyniess to other ensure to joy of giving.

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